The 4 People Within Course
Your in-depth Self Study Journey over 6 months
The 4 People Within are the different parts of our personality.
When we align the 4 people who reside within us - the thinker, the feeler, the sensor and the intuitive - we can become the absolute best version of ourselves.
Our best self has the power to realise all we have capacity to achieve. This inner alignment is the ultimate lottery win. Only, it's not up to chance. It's up to you.

When we understand that the integral parts of us (thinking, feeling, sensing and intuiting) operate in different ways, then we can find out more in depth who we are and what our strengths and challenges are in life.  Until we realise our strengths and challenges, we cannot intentionally craft or gauge our evolutionary progress.  All of our intentional personal development rests on understanding oneself.

We make approximately 35 000 decisions every day, and each one of them is intentional or unintentional in nature. Some decisions are made consciously and deliberately, and others are just a reaction to our fears or our conditioning. Being deliberate around the most important daily decisions guides us toward a desired end result, whereas overlooking our decision-making power, or not being aware of it, can leave us feeling powerless about the direction of our lives and passive in our decision-making. 

When you know who the 4 People Within you are, you will understand how they influence your decision-making. Understanding your decision-making allows you to make conscious choices about the big and small things in your life. Learning to choose consciously leads to more intentional outcomes. 


Module 0: Failing Forward

Module 1: Stages of Change

Module 2: Boundaries

Module 3: The 4 People Within

Module 4: Levels of consciousness

Module 5: The Drama Triangle

Module 6: The concept of the Inner Child

Module 7: Shame, fear and anxiety

Module 8: The 10 year old Inner Child

Module 9: 10 year old Inner Child role Reference Guide

Module 10: the 3 year old Inner Child

Module 11: 3 year old Inner Child role Reference Guide

Module 12: the Inner Parent

Module 13 Parenting Styles

Module 14: Internalised Parental Beliefs

Module 15: Inner Parenting for Self Sabotage, Self Sacrifice and Procrastination

Module 16: Inner Parenting and PTSD

Module 17: Inner Parenting and Chronic stress and anxiety

Module 18: Self Love and Resilience

Module 19: Overview of your Inner Parent

Module 20: The Adult Self

Module 21: Values and conditioning

Module 22: Integrated Relationships

Module 23: Healthy body: our vessel for life

Module 24:  Energy management and Transformation of Cellular Memory

Module 25: Mind management and Growth

Module 26: Imagination and Creative Power

Module 27: Purpose

Module 28: Belonging

Module 29: Positive momentum for effective life

Module 30: Our personal legacy

Module 31: Overview of your Adult Self


Change takes time. This course is delivered as weekly modules for the next 32 weeks. Weekly module delivery allows you to put your learnings into practice. Knowledge alone does not create change. Learning and implementing new skills will.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase over the first 30 days, please let us know, and we will offer you a full refund.  

"I breathed a sigh of relief when I realized I wasn't “weird” after all and I started to make sense of all these seemingly 'conflicting' parts of me." 

~Faieda N, South Africa

"As a result, I’ve become more self-compassionate and more courageous, knowing that I will be able to take care of myself no matter what happens. I highly recommend this course."

~Erika Schmied, Switzerland

"I’ve become more self-compassionate and more courageous, knowing that I will be able to take care of myself no matter what happens. I highly recommend this course."

~Claire S, Toronto, Canada

"I took the 4 People Within course in 2017, and it changed my life. It remains the single highest-leverage personal growth work I have done on a journey of healing and self-actualization that took me 5 years." 

~Elena Nola, USA

"Harnessing the power of the 4 People Within every day gives me peace of mind and the ability to control how I respond in situations. I am now following my dreams with confidence, self-esteem and without anxiety. Brava, Merja."

~Lisa P, London, Great Britain

"I'm now able to feel the same love and compassion for myself as I have always felt for others. I can't describe the difference that makes in my life. It's something you need to experience."

~Mari J, Sweden

" I have done 4 people within course twice. The second time really showed me the personal growth that had taken place in between. I also noticed new perspectives the second time."

~Sanna, Finland

"I wish this were standard reading for the online MBTI community at large, who often take this topic and turn it into an over-simplified and incorrectly interpreted tool used to divide people into categories upon which to indulge prejudices and biases."

~Tyson G, California, USA

Please note:

Your satisfaction is important to us. Thus, this course has a full 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Are you keen to get started, but unable to make the full payment? No worries. We give everyone an equal chance to purchase this course. Simply get in touch with us to arrange a payment plan that fits your budget. Contact us at desk(at) We will consider all reasonable payment plan requests.
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