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I've had many careers, but only one calling:

To help my students make the most of this one life.


Thanks for popping in. I hope you're getting the info you are looking for, and if not, simply email me at


I mentor my students on how to live the most authentic, fulfilling life while achieving their most meaningful goals, and crossing off each item on their bucket list.


Here's what I want to know: Are you making the most of this one life you have?


6 Reasons to Work With Me:​


1. You'll make the most of the only resource you'll never get back: YOUR TIME.

The first thing we'll do is get to know your natural talents, and what makes you happy in life. When we decode your personality and discover your innermost values, you start to feel better and more focused straight away.

2. You'll save money.

I'll help you discover your unique learning style. Together with the philosophy of effectiveness, you stop wasting time on trying to learn in a way that is not right for you, while learning things that don't work. 


3. You'll stay on track with your goals!

This is your life. You get to decide how you live it, and what you achieve along the way. Most people fail in reaching their goals because they don't have support and accountability. I prioritize both, because I prioritize you.

4. You achieve REAL RESULTS!

Unfortunately most coaching/mentoring these days is about the feel-good factor, and nothing really changes for the client. I am honest to a fault. If what we do is not working, we will fix it. I won't beat about the bush when a change of direction is needed.


5. You reclaim your personal power.
No matter what you have experienced in life, I will remind you of your personal power and sovereignty. A valuable by-product of my work is that you become self-sufficient in the process of reaching your goals.


6. I will not shy away from the most vulnerable parts of you!

Most people are attracted to my work because I work with trauma-informed principles. No matter what darkness you have experienced, I can hold your hand as you step into your space of healing. I have extensive knowledge in working with emotions like fear, PTS, depression, and anxiety. My work is a non-judgmental space.

Are you ready to work with me?

Email me to request a suitability call with me FREE OF CHARGE.

Please note, that just because the suitability call is FREE,
it doesn't mean that it is not valuable.

A cancellation fee of US$100 applies for all no-show sessions.
You must understand that I cannot be more committed to your empowerment than you are.

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