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Merja Sumiloff - Keynote speaker

Merja Sumiloff, ITEC, SAHIMM, MBTI® Practitioner, is

  • the Personality Decoder,

  • a Master Coach/Mentor,

  • the Author of Safe Spaces book,

  • the Author of multiple best-selling personal development courses,

  • a Speaker, and

  • the creator of the 4 People Within® personality decoding tool.

Merja's whole life has been about creating safe spaces for herself and others. Her early childhood experiences drove Merja to become wise and mature beyond her years. Thus, her solid presence, uncanny capacity to decode others' personality, and her drive to bring out the best in people lead to her first coaching job at the tender age of 16. 


Since then, Merja has dedicated her life to help others heal, grow, and excel. Through her talks, Merja inspires her audience to heal and develop themselves, and shows them how to bring their best self forward at work, and in life.

To make an inquiry about her availability and fees, simply contact her team at with your:

  1. dates,

  2. location,

  3. approximate duration of speech and

  4. topic required,


and Merja's representative will get in touch with you in return.


  • Personality Decoding

  • Conflict Resolution & Relationship Repair

  • Creating Safe Spaces at Work

  • Creating Safe Spaces in Life

  • Making better decisions

  • Inner Parenting

  • Women in Business

  • Being an extraordinary Mentor

  • Trauma-Informed Principles in Business

  • Sisu

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