Hey there! I'm Merja Sumiloff.

Thanks for popping in. I hope you're enjoying the content and information.

I am

  • a Personal and Professional development Mentor

  • a Mentor Trainer

  • a Certified MBTI® practitioner

  • an author of personal and professional development material.


My most treasured pieces of work are the 4 People Within®, INFx Unveiled and the Integration Mentor Program.


When I'm not supporting others with their personal and professional development, I'm likely to be out there in the paddock giving my horses pedicures, or having lunch with my beloved partner Peter.


Why you should consider working with me:

I've been teaching and coaching people in one form or another since 1996. One thing I've learned is that while we all struggle with the same issues to different degrees, we are also unique people with extraordinary points of view. 

When it comes to personal or professional development, I like to focus on the fundamentals with a tailored perspective to the client's needs. 

Much like we all need food to live, we all get to choose what we eat, now much and how often. Personal and professional development with me is exactly the same. You choose according to your needs. That's why my mission is to offer personalized development programs for those who want to empower themselves by making better everyday decisions. 

I believe in sustainable, real change. This kind of change comes through small and consistent steps in the right direction. I reject hype and faking it until you make it. You are where you are and it is the PERFECT starting point for you. 

My 20-50 year vision is to create more compassionate and effective leadership in the world, be is self-leadership or that of others. The fastest way to achieve this goal is to match people with the best coach or mentor that will work for them. Sometimes it's me, sometimes it's not. I have a great collection of colleagues to recommend, and I am always looking for the perfect match. 


Bottom line: I'm hard-working, honest and competent at what I do, and if I think you should work with someone else, I will tell you straight away. 

If what you have read resonates with you, check out our catalogue of works at the courses section of this site. 

Random facts about me: 

  • I have rescued 15 plus animals, including horses, dogs and cats.

  • I have lived in 4 countries, which has made me a global citizen.

  • I love studying. I always have a course or a non-fiction book on the go. 

  • I hate being put on a pedestal. If you do, it's just a matter of time before I let you down. I'm not some guru, I'm just a person with loads of personal development mileage under my belt.