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Merja Sumiloff is the Founder of Sumiloff Academy of Human Integration. She is a certified MBTI® Practitioner and the author of the 4 People Within®


Merja teaches executives, athletes, business owners and everyday people how to become the best version of themselves and how to live an extraordinary life. Merja is a relationship specialist and focuses on working with introverts and introspective extroverts, showing them how to bring their inner genius into the outside world.


Merja's experience in global environment, agriculture, building and food production, human physiology and personality decoding gives her a leading edge when supporting her clients in building a personally and ecologically sustainable, healthy and wealthy life and relationships full of purpose. 

For everyday people


Merja has been a professional teacher and a coach since the age of 16. For the last 25+ years, Merja has helped individuals ranging from professional athletes to stay-at-home dads to reach high level of performance in their area of focus. Through her personal integration method, the 4 People Within®, she has helped over 5000 people worldwide. For decades, Merja has been regarded as an inspiring advocate for individuals who want to live a happy, harmonious, and meaningful life.


Her experience in teaching and coaching led Merja to compile an in-depth, year-long program called Integration Mentor Program. The Integration Mentor Program is a highly interactive experience with a curriculum that exceeds the level of education of internationally

recognized coaching training courses. The Integration Mentor Program teaches its students how to become the best coach/mentor they can be, it shows how to look after the clients both on big picture and on a day-to-day level, it teaches the students personality psychology tools that will make their future clients self sustainable and balanced individuals, and it shows the students a step-by-step method of how to build their mentoring business alongside their studies, so that they are able to hit the ground running after they finish their studies.

For conscious leaders, executives and business owners


Merja is a highly sought after international mentor, speaker and relationship strategist. She has helped thousands of people in over 50 industries to turn their deepest individual dreams into an everyday reality.

Merja in speaking to start-ups in Zurich, Switzerland, in 2014

Through her numerous projects and passions, Merja's clientele is considered to be a global community that spans across 37 countries and 6 continents throughout the world. She works with corporate CxOs, professionals in health-care, education and finance, as well as artists, musicians, professional athletes and aspiring entrepreneurs in both private and public sectors. Her passionate approach to business and relationships results in her being head-hunted to take part in international projects of innovation, but as a person of high integrity, she only accepts a handful at a time to ensure that she is able to give her very best to each of the projects she commits to.


On the home front, Merja enjoys the profound support of her partner, Peter, who, himself, is an accomplished author, businessman and thought leader. In his professional life, Peter shows his clients how to bet on themselves to live a life of fulfillment and happiness through his flagship program, Make Money Doing What You Love. Peter's company, Genuine YOUniversity also offers a peer-to-peer coaching facility called Empowerment Circles. Peter is a veteran of 30+ years in the field of personal and professional development and is the secret weapon of choice for many. 

Merja dedicates much of her personal life to animal welfare. She regularly raises funds and makes private donations to domestic and wildlife rescue organizations around the world. Merja is also an avid equestrian with 9 horses - 7 of which are rescued through RSPCA, ISPCA, or through private introductions. She has also rescued 3 dogs and a cat, whom all live a wonderful life in their loving forever homes.

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