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For the Happy Equestrian Pt 2

My friend was listening to me carefully as I unfolded the knowledge I teach in my 3-hour Authentic Connection Masterclass.

"When you're discovering what you bring to the situation, you must consider the following:

  1. How is your energy and focus directed. As you know, horses are very sensitive beings. Unless your energy and focus is directed appropriately in the presence of your horse, you can cast unexpected energies toward him causing him to become either tense or pushy.

  2. What your natural learning style is. Are you observing your horse through your sensory experience, or are you intuitively tuning into what his needs are? If you don't know how you take in information, you can miss important clues he is trying to give you.

  3. Your natural decision-making style. Are you more of a natural problem-solver, or a natural empath?

  4. Finally, you need to know your leadership style. Are you more allowing, or more focused?"

As we worked through these considerations in more detail, my friend started to understand how she had contributed to the situation with Dynamite. She realized that she, like everyone else, is a multi-faceted being, and that there are at least 4 parts of her constantly competing for power and attention, potentially confusing her horse, or at the very least creating miscommunication and a lack of coherent leadership. I encouraged her to see her 4 cognitive capacities as an "Inner Family" of 4 people who all have different drives, strengths, challenges and needs.

As I walked her through her 4 People Within® Round Table Model, it all started making sense. She noticed that any time she had a problem with her trainer, she was showing up as one of her inner children, and was not able to stand up for herself. And any time she had a wonderful ride with Dynamite, each of her four people within were completely aligned and present with the experience. Here is my friend's Round Table:

She exclamed: "How can I learn everything from this?! I've never felt that I belong into any categories, and don't want to be boxed in! But as you're talking about this, I see more and more of myself in that model!". I had to agree. I don't like it when people are being put into boxes, as we are all individuals, but...I had seen this work literally over 5000 times throughout my own career.

"I know", I said. "It's hard to believe that someone can see you and help you see yourself more clearly. But maybe that's why they call me the Personality Decoder. Hahahaha." She laughed and we kept talking late into the night about how the different parts interact, and how they had shown up in her situation with her trainer.

"He's right, you know, the trainer", my friend said. "Something has to change. I'm going to stop wasting his time. I will be getting rid of something, but it won't be Dynamite." She never worked with the trainer again. Instead, she built an authentic connection with her horse by embracing all of who she is, and by cherishing all that Dynamite is.


Did you ever wish you could have a closer bond with your horse? Are you confused about what you "should" be doing to gain your horse's trust and attention?

As you know, our horses are very sensitive to our energies. When we are grounded and integrated, we show up as a safe space for our horses. But when we are confused about our inner genius, or deny a significant part of ourselves, our horses sense that too.

An authentic connection with your horse begins with knowing the authentic YOU.

Harnessing your Inner Genius makes you more integrated and more attractive to your horse. When you rest in your natural strengths, you give your horse a permission to relax into his. This amalgamation of energies brings about a magical connection that makes almost everything possible.

My 3-hour Masterclass will:

- Unveil your unique Inner Genius (Your MBTI® personality type & Your Inner Round Table).

- Help you maximize your Inner Genius with horses and in life.

- Shed light on any blind spots that may hold you back in your horsemanship journey.

- Give you practical examples of how to connect with your horse as the AUTHENTIC YOU!

Join our Next 3-Hour Online Masterclass here, or contact me at with any questions you may have.


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