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Coaching & Mentoring

I've had many careers, but only one calling:

Help my students make the most of this one life.


Thanks for popping in. If you are thinking of working with me, simply email me at with your

  • time zone,

  • 3 biggest challenges, and

  • best times for you to speak,

and I will get back to you with some suitability call times.


I mentor my students on how to live the most authentic, fulfilling life while achieving their most meaningful goals, and crossing off each item on their bucket list.


So, what I really want to know is:
What's on YOUR bucket list?

"One of the pieces to a happy horse is that you have to be happy too! My session with Merja wasn't good... It was AMAZING!! She has a unique talent to help you discover who you are: your strengths, patterns and tendencies."

Courtney C. Florida, USA

For the
Happy Horse

Our horses misbehave because they are domineering or scared. Are you ready to discover the root of your horse's behavior?

For the
Happy Equestrian

We all bring our own strengths and baggage to our partnership with our horses. Are you ready to discover your your inner genius, as well as your possible blind spots?

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