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Are you ready to discover your
unique Equestrian Genius?

Yes, YOU. You have a unique way in which you show up for your horse and your sport.

Merja can teach you to tap into your unspoken special powers and make the most of your hidden inner wiring! She does it by combining her 30+ years of experience in the horse industry and her Inner Genius: Personality Decoding. is passionate about helping horse lovers unlock their full potential.


Merja is passionate about helping horse-lovers unlock their full potential. She combines her expert personality decoding knowledge with trauma-informed principles to

  • Dive to the core of your challenges,

  • Discover the root cause of your challenges,

  • Give effective, real-world guidance on how to overcome your challenges, and

  • Hold you accountable for living out the Genius you are.


Merja's mission is to empower her students to:

  • Discover their natural strengths and Inner Genius

  • Overcome self-sabotage and potential blind spots

  • Develop their confidence, calm, and clarity

  • Work through their past traumas, accidents, and other difficult situations

  • Set better boundaries in all relationships

  • Build a strong bond with their horse

  • Improve communication, and 

  • Achieve their goals.


You don't have to be a competitive rider to benefit from working with Merja. In fact, most of her students come to her because they want to fulfill their childhood dream of deep connection with their equine partners.


Whether you're a horse owner, trainer, or looking to heal or empower yourself, Merja is here to support you every step of the way.



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