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There are 2 motivations that run our lives constantly: the internal motivation of who we are as a person, and the external motivation of how we interact with the world around us. 

Interpersonal conflicts, low level of confidence and inability to perform are just some symptoms of one or both of these motivations not being clear, aligned and integrated. 

When we don't know who we are, we assume things about ourselves. We become self critical, frustrated, and we learn to sabotage ourselves. This only leads to more disintegration and pain. 

When we don't know who we are, we don't feel safe relating to the world around us. Our disintegrated self shows up at work or at home critical and frustrated with others and taking action that will sabotage the things most important to us; our relationships, our work, and our place in the world. 

Disintegration leads to isolation and isolation breeds more disintegration. This is where the downward spiral really begins. 

To stop the downward spiral, we need to have the courage to ask for help. Our perspective of ourselves and the world has brought us to this point. It is unlikely that our own perspective alone is able to bring us out of it.

With the right support, you can start the process of your personal integration process. As your process matures and you develop, your internal motivations change. You realize your value and you become more present, connected and effective within the world that surrounds you. Your relationships change for the better, your work becomes meaningful and (maybe even for the first time) you know where you belong. 

If you are ready to start integrating yourself, you are in the right place. With all of my heart: welcome. 

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Integration is everything.


No matter how dire your current situation seems right now, there is always hope: as we change, so does our current situation.


I'm just an ordinary person. But through systematic integration, I overcame  childhood abuse turning my painful past into a successful, meaningful and happy life. 


This approach of systematic integration has helped thousands of other all around the world to create their successful life. Let me tell you, if we all can do it, I believe you can do it too. 

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