How To Make More Money Part 2

You know that feeling of not making enough money to cover the kind of lifestyle you would like?

Many of us feel like there’s too much month at the end of our paycheck and one of the most common things I hear about money is: “I wish I could make more.” The biggest challenge in making more money is not that the money is not there to be made, but that we cannot see where we could make money. In fact, right now, you are sitting on a fortune, you just don’t know it yet. What we need to do is to create a paradigm shift. Throughout this series of articles, I will offer you a number of paradigm shifts, so keep an eye out for them!

In How To Make More Money Part 1, we covered how to make money straight away from the gold that you’re already sitting on. Remember, one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure. Selling items and raising money immediately is a great short term tactic. But, we don’t want to be only tactical with our money mastery. We want to also start building strategies for a long-term financial success. After all, if you simply sell your belongings in a tactical way, you will soon run out of things to sell.

So, today, we’ll be talking about strategies for making more money. Strategies are the plans that will help you meet your financial goals. Paradigm shift #2: Don't just do more of the same thing you are doing now. Instead, let's restrategize. Remember, goals without plans and strategies are just dreams. Are you ready to stop dreaming and start strategizing? If your answer is yes, keep reading.

Before we move onto how to capture the opportunities to make more money, make sure to take the “What’s your money paradigm” test.

Now that you know what your money paradigm is, let’s roll our sleeves and start working for more income. Let’s work with where you already are. Follow these steps one at a time. Don’t just read through it, actually DO the exercises. Many of us feel emotional about money, which naturally engages the right emotional side of the brain. By writing things down, you engage the left thinking side of the brain. And when you engage the left brain, you begin to make changes.

Step 1: Do you already have some income? This is a simple yes or no question. Whether you do or don’t you’re already in a good position to start earning more. If you have a job, write down the job and the tasks within the job that you are responsible for. If you don’t have a job yet, write down the jobs you have held in the past and what tasks you were responsible for within those jobs.

Your lists could look like this: Jobs: cleaning lady, horse trainer, office clerk, administrative assistant, massage therapist, bartender. Responsibilities: cleaning and tidying, client care, filing, massage therapy, customer service.

Step 2: Take your lists of jobs and responsibilities from step one and start thinking laterally. Where else could you use the same skills? If you are already employed, is there a way for you to talk to your boss about getting some extra responsibilities and extra pay? If not, can you get a better paying job somewhere else with a company who would