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Being an Extraordinary Mentor

Extraordinary mentors teach their clients how to integrate into their authentic self to live a life of purpose and happiness.

Extraordinary mentors show their clients how to create

• Deep and meaningful relationships,

• A supportive work environment that spurs them on

• Financial security to live the kind of lifestyle they want to love, and much more.

To help our clients get these results, we, as extraordinary mentors, need to

• Listen comprehensively

• Lead our clients into a deep level of self prioritization and self care

• Show our clients that they have a unique place in this world

• Offer our clients a safe place to evolve

Most coaching courses don't teach their students how to teach their clients to be independent and integrated. You can literally become a life coach in as short a time as a weekend.

On top of this, many coaching courses don’t include marketing training as a part of the curriculum. These kinds of short cut approaches in our professional training leads to a saturated market of part time coaches, who never end up quitting their day jobs. These coaches have limited mentoring skills and the inability to relay their gifts to the market, because they have not been supported properly throughout their training.

Many of our mentor trainees choose to work with us because we specialize in teaching how to build a mentoring practice that actually works: because you are becoming both an extraordinary mentor AND building the support infrastructure that all successful businesses require.

An extraordinary mentor's work stems from building character, not about building hype. If you want a truly meaningful career in mentoring, listen to this webinar on what is required to become an extraordinary mentor. If you like the integral foundation and depth of what you see, consider joining our year long program to learn these skills for yourself. The Integration Mentor Program teaches you - a person who feels they have a lot to offer to those who are traveling a path that you’ve experienced- how to build your mentoring career in a proven step-by-step method. Find the Integration Mentor Program course here.

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