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Time sensitive: Being of Service - Mentoring Masterclass

There are many wonderful people out there who are

mentoring others and who are shooting themselves in the foot in the process. It's usually the most talented, caring people who are the most disorganized when it comes to presenting their message clearly, knowing who to work with and how to navigate the client through the 5 stages of mentoring. Do you ever feel like there's simply too much to do at the end of the day, and while you really love helping and supporting others, it's starting to wear you out? Whether you mentor others as a profession that produces an income or as an individual who simply wants to help others, you will benefit from having a structure that leads them to best results possible, and keeps your thoughts and actions organised. This structure includes 1. tapping into your own life experience as a way of relating to those you are helping, 2. understanding the stages of change so that you know when help is and is not appropriate and 3. learning to utilize the 5 areas of mentoring to be truly an effective mentor.

If you feel that receiving training on these topics would help you be more effective in your mentoring work, then check out this masterclass webinar. It's less than a week away, so to secure your seat, take action now. To register for Being of Service - Mentoring Masterclass, click the link below:

Photo by Joshua Ness on Unsplash

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