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On the importance of planning

Planning is an essential element of time management. If you plan your days pro-actively, rather than just letting them happen, you will have a higher sense of control and flow about your work and your life. This planning is what allows much of my lifestyle business, where no matter where I am in the world, once I have an internet connection, I can fill my days in pretty much whatever way I want to. This includes having the flexibility to travel wherever I please any time of the year.

Effective planning includes 6 phases:

  1. Setting solid and clear long-range goals

  2. Listing key objectives linked into these goals

  3. Establishing priorities within both the goals and the key objectives

  4. Being clear about the tasks of the next day the night before

  5. Understanding and managing your levels of energy on a day to day basis, so that you are able to carry out the outlined priorities.

  6. Carrying out the tasks by using the grown up processes of Adult Self and Inner Parent and inviting the Inner Children to be a part of some tasks that they really enjoy and excel at.

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