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Integration Courses by

the Sumiloff Academy of Human Integration

The 4 People Within®

Your inner alignment is the ultimate lottery win. It's not up to chance. It's up to you.

Live More, Stress Less

Free yourself from the pressures you have carried around for years.


Integration Mentor Program

Learn how to become a mentor to help others on their journey to empowerment.


Master Your Money

Learn how to make more money, keep your money and grow your money.



The course brought a lot of insights and was a big part of getting me (on) track in a purposeful way. 


I've never come across a self-help course where it automatically works with your personality strengths so you start to work for yourself rather than against yourself...I highly recommend this to anyone who is experiencing emotional turmoil or who dreams of big things in their lives but needs to get past themselves to reach these goals.


This was one of the best introductions to  the MBTi/cognitive functions systems that I've read. Wish this were standard reading for the  online MBA  community at large...This book approaches the subject with accuracy, maturity and responsibility.


For me personally, the work to replace my Inner Critic with a supportive Inner Parent was invaluable. I spent more than 20 years self-abandoning and self-castigating, and I was able to break that habit within a month because of the perspective shifts and skills I learned in this course. 3 years later Inner Parenting is still a part of my daily life, and I remain happily self-judgement free.

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