Integration Mentor Self Study Program

Do you want to be a mentor, but cannot commit to the full Integration Mentor Program? The Integration Mentor Self Study program could be right for you! 

We are currently running a BETA test on a Self Study version of the full Integration Mentor Program. 

As you may know, our mentoring training is very comprehensive. The cost and time commitment means that the program is not accessible for many. Most of the cost of the program lies in the 6 hours of live training per month we offer to each of our students. It is this 6 hours that can make our program out of reach for many, because of the financial and the time commitment required. 


Here are the parameters of what we are offering:

1. The student gets access to the 36 training modules included in the original program.

2. The student can attend one 2 hour training session once per month to get their questions asked (instead of the 6 hours of intensive training included in the original program).

3. The student will have access to a proactive facebook group that allows peers to share their experiences and look for support with their studies. 

4. Instead of the fee of the full fee, you receive a 60% discount on the original program price. For pricing, please request for a full program brochure here.  

5. At the end of their studies, the student has an option to enter a FULL CERTIFICATION process that includes submission of homework, case study notes and sitting a final exam. There will be an additional administrative fee for this optional certification process. 


Please note: We have a screening process for finding the right students for this BETA run, so if you would like to be considered, simply respond to this email with your full name, your time zone and the best possible times for you to speak and we will get back to you to arrange a suitability call. 

This program is a match for you, if:
  • You already have a counselling, coaching or mentoring background but are not able to translate your knowledge into a business. 

  • You have the desire to design your own life while making money doing what you love.

  • You are willing to dive deep into the insights and learnings of your own personal life experience to offer meaningful support to your clients who are following in your footsteps.

  • You want to learn how to support your clients effectively and efficiently.

  • You are willing to continue your own personal development so that you are always a few steps ahead of your clients.

  • You are a coach-able, individual thinker who embraces learning, including the inevitable learning curve.

  • You are equally prepared to receive validation and praise, as well as straightforward candor that may be challenging to hear.

  • You are willing to fail forward to really master your craft.

  • You have patience and are committed to putting in the work needed to succeed in what you set out to do.

Curriculum outline of the program:

Term 1: You As A Mentor

  1. Your commitment to others’ change

  2. Your listening skills

  3. Your intuitive skills

  4. Mind management and growth

  5. Body maintenance and growth

  6. Tapping into your own experiences and expanding personal horizons for the benefit of your clients


Term 2: Your Mentoring Approach

  1. Levels of consciousness and conditioning

  2. Boundaries

  3. 5 areas of mentoring

  4. Code of conduct and final thoughts on being a mentor

  5. Your mentoring logistics

  6. Your mentoring format

Term 3: What Your Client Sees

  1. Client support processes overview

  2. Booking a suitability call

  3. Suitability call and conversion

  4. Client confirmation email

  5. Current reality questionnaire

  6. Enforcing boundaries and dealing with complaints

  7. Measuring clients’ results

  8. How to end a working relationship with your client

Term 4: Client Guidance Tools

  1. The 4 People Within® method (full course)

  2. Spiral Dynamics

  3. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

  4. The Drama Triangle​


Term 5: Business and Marketing

  1. Direction of your business

  2. Money management

  3. Branding

  4. 3 ways of marketing: Direct marketing

  5. 3 ways of marketing: Organic marketing

  6. 3 ways of marketing: Relationship marketing

  7. The KOKOUS method: creating proactive referral partnerships with like-minded business owners

  8. Your value ladder: how to create a success path for your business

For more information on this course:

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Make sure to note our satisfaction guarantee: This course has a 30 day full money back guarantee from the date of purchase.