Are you unsure about your Myers-Briggs® type,
or would you like to discover the hidden blind spots
and treasures within you? 

Merja is currently offering 2 options for your personality profiling needs.

OPTION 1: Simple 4-letter type confirmation through a self-assessment process

The purpose of this option is to discover or confirm your 4-letter MBTI® Personality Type. 

With this option, you will work through a 2 hour 25 minute workshop recording led by Merja.

Throughout the process, you are guided how to discover your best-fit type.

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OPTION 2: Complete, in-depth MBTI® Personality Decoding Process 

The purpose of this option is to discover or confirm your full MBTI® Personality profile, and decode your personality for optimal performance in personal development, relationships, work, etc.


  • Option 1 self-assessment process

  • Online Global Step II hidden facet profile

  • a 60-minute 1-2-1 MBTI coaching session with Merja

  • the 4 People Within 6-month online transformational type development program.

Throughout the process, you are guided how to discover your best-fit type.

Here's a brief video on how it all works.



Merja Sumiloff, ITEC SAHIMM

Merja is a certified MBTI Practitioner, who has been working in the field of personal development since 2009.


Merja [INFJ] has written several best selling courses including the 4 People Within®, INFx Unveiled, Integration Mentor Program, INFx Deep Dive and Master Your Money.


Merja has been helping her clients discover the richness of their personality type, as well as the blind spots that may be holding them back from living their best life. With MBTI®, Merja specialises in working with past trauma and relationship challenges, be it at home or at work. 

MBTI Personality Inventory

The MBTI® assessment was developed by Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers. Both were highly educated college graduates who employed the scientific method in creating the assessment. Although neither were psychologists, they spent years studying Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types and join the ranks of people like Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, and Jane Goodall, who made lasting contributions to their fields despite a lack of formal training.

Myers worked with the Educational Testing Service in Princeton, New Jersey, a major assessment publisher, who helped develop the MBTI assessment and publish it in 1962.

Since then, the MBTI assessment has been updated regularly based on continuing research by trained psychologists.


Frequently Asked Questions: 


There are free tests I can take online. Why would I pay to get myself assessed?

The best reason to choose the MBTI® assessment to discover your personality type is that it is both valid and reliable, unlike online tests that have been put together people who have not devoted their career to working with this tool. Validity measures if the assessment does what it says it does. Reliability measures whether the assessment produces the same result when applied more than once. The high validity and reliability scores of the MBTI® assessment is a result of hundreds of studies carried out over the past 40 years. When you want an accurate profile of your personality type, ask if the instrument you plan to use has been validated.

What does this decoding mean?

Decoding means that we discover how your psyche is wired. With decoding we find out how you make decisions and how you operate compared to other people. The decoding process shows you how to relate to others as your most authentic and effective version of yourself. 

What does MBTI® mean?

MBTI is short for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. You can find out more about the MBTI system here.

Is Merja available to discuss my options by phone or email?

Yes, Merja or one of her team members will be available to discuss your options both via zoom or via email. You can contact the Academy at

End results as experienced by our other participants for both Options 1 and 2:

"This was one of the best introductions to the MBTI / cognitive functions system that I've read. Wish this were standard reading for the online MBTI community at large, who often take this topic and turn it into an over-simplified and incorrectly interpreted tool used to divide people into categories upon which to indulge prejudices and biases. Merja's work approaches the subject with accuracy, maturity, and responsibility."   

"If you’re looking for the next quick fix, this course is not for you. Merja's work is too thorough for hype marketing. But if you’re willing to put in YOUR time and effort knowing YOU and YOUR life will be transformed by gently stepping outside of your comfort zone by staying accountable and taking action, then I highly recommend you dive straight in."


"Working with Merja literally changed my life. MBTI is great for understanding how my brain is wired. Now what? Putting the 4PW into practice taught me Inner Parenting. My relationships are unrecognisable. Harnessing the power of the 4PW everyday gives me peace of mind and the ability to control how I respond in situations. I am now following my dreams with confidence, self-esteem and without anxiety. Brava, Merja."

"I recommend this process to you if like me, you are struggling with your relationships and setting boundaries. I now understand where I've gone wrong all this time. Having done this work with Merja has given me the confidence to prioritize myself both at home and at the office."

"This system of decoding my personality far exceeds anything else out there. Merja's combination of the MBTI® and her 4 People Within® frameworks supercharge the results, even for personality junkie as myself. I don't ever have to wonder about my type again, and I can finally show up as the best version of myself. Thank you Merja, you gave me my life back."

"What a treat to work with a person who really knows their work. To have an opportunity to work with Merja through this process has opened my eyes to how I have contributed to my relational challenges in the past. Merja, you truly are a relationship specialist. My husband thanks you for giving him his wife back."

"I have been sure of my MBTI® type for years. I genuinely didn't think there was more for me to learn, as I have been into this work for a couple of decades. Well, I was wrong.  Not only have I found a new depth of work within the MBTI® framework, with Merja's support, I also discovered my Inner Children. I finally feel like I have rediscovered the hidden parts of who I am. I am forever grateful for Merja's help."


"Going through The 4 People Within course while receiving mentoring has had a huge impact on my life. It helped me get to know my inner children on a much deeper level and taught me how to inner parent them, which has been both empowering and healing for me. Over the last 2.5 years, I’ve built a trusting relationship with my inner children by making space for their feelings and needs, and setting boundaries with them when needed. As a result, I’ve become more self-compassionate and more courageous, knowing that I will be able to take care of myself no matter what happens. I highly recommend this course."


"The course brought a lot of insight and was a big part of getting me [on] track in a purposeful way."


"The 4 People Within course surprised me as to how relevant and practical the tools were. The modules are incredibly straightforward and move us long step by step. Merja does an excellent job of making sure we know enough but not too much. This work continues to change my life."


"I've never come across a 'self-help' course where it automatically works with your personality strengths so you start to work for yourself rather than against yourself. It doesn't rely on someone telling you what to do but works with your inner wisdom and experience is a guide. I came across Merja's work at a time of grief and turmoil in my life and it helped me through the tough times with strength and grace that I did not know I was capable of. I highly recommend this to anyone who is experiencing emotional turmoil or who dreams of big things in their lives but need to get past themselves to reach those goals. I cannot express my gratitude to Merja, or the value she has brought into my life."


"The 4 People Within course accelerated my personal development journey with clear explanations and tools I could use daily. Before talking to Merja I always wondered what was wrong with me but with this course I not only started to understand myself better and got the tools to start integrating the different sides of me but also found a community of beautiful supportive people and finally something I could belong to. It has opened me so many new doors and every day I feel more and more me, and am more and more comfortable showing who I am to the world."


"I took the 4 People Within course in 2017, and it changed my life. It remains the single highest-leverage personal growth work I have done on a journey of healing and self-actualization that took me 5 years. The course is comprehensive and deep. It not only covers a lot of ground but also provides specific tools for each topic that you can implement immediately in the real world. For me personally, the work to replace my inner critic with a supportive inner parent was invaluable. I spent more than 20 years self-abandoning and self-castigating, and I was able to break that habit within a month because of the perspective shifts and skills I learned in this course. Three years later, inner parenting is still a part of my daily life, and I remain happily self-judgment free! I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to create a better relationship with themselves and others. It truly offers transformative wisdom via both theory and practical application. You don’t have to figure everything out for yourself…you just have to do the work!"