Decode your personality


Why invest in yourself and your relationships with the oldest and most established personality assessment in the world?


1. It eliminates conflict: through understanding the different aspects of ourselves, our capacity to understand others deepens.

2. It improves communication: celebrating differences teaches us ways speak in a language that others can understand.

3. It improves teamwork both at home and at work.

4. It unveils the strengths of each person and relationship: MBTIⓇ is designed to highlight and maximize the strengths in people. Who would not benefit from discovering some hidden gems within others?


5. It encourages self reflection: when we take the time to introspect, we begin to connect our innermost power with the interactions and goals in the outside world.

How does decoding your personality works in practice?

Merja uses a 3 steps with her Decoding process: 


Step 1: Self-decoding workshop

This is a live group workshop where participants follow an official MBTI method of self-discovery. This workshop runs monthly for 2-2.5 hours at a time. With Merja's guidance, the participants work through series of questions and exercises to become self sufficient in nominating their own best-fit type. If you cannot make the workshop live, you will be provided with an easy-to-follow recording for completion of the process. 

Step 2: In-depth Online Assessment 

Step 2 helps us make the most out of your self-decoding and Online Assessment results. With Merja's guidance, you will learn about the facets that makes you unique, even within your best-fit type. You will also receive a customized 17-page Global II report, and learn about practical communication, conflict management skills as well as how to deal with change as your authentic self.


Step 3: 60-minute one-on-one Personality Deep Dive call with Merja
Steps 1 and 2 have brought us to a place of clarity for your 4-letter type description and your unique facets within the type. Now it's time to take a deep dive into what drives you and how to maximise it. On this call, Merja will walk you through your faceted type, and shows you how to integrate yourself so that you can live and relate to others in full integrity. 

Getting Started

Next Step 1: Self-decoding Workshop is

Sunday September 12th 2021
at 5pm AEST.

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**Seats are limited. 

End results as experienced by our other participants:

"I recommend this process to you if like me, you are struggling with your relationships and setting boundaries. I now understand where I've gone wrong all this time. Having done this work with Merja has given me the confidence to prioritize myself both at home and at the office."

"This system of decoding my personality far exceeds anything else out there. Merja's combination of the MBTI  and her 4 People Within frameworks supercharge the results, even for personality junkie as myself. I don't ever have to wonder about my type again, and I can finally show up as the best version of myself. Thank you Merja, you gave me my life back."

"What a treat to work with a person who really knows their work. To have an opportunity to work with Merja through this process has opened my eyes to how I have contributed to my relational challenges in the past. Merja, you truly are a relationship specialist. My husband thanks you for giving him his wife back."

"I have been sure of my MBTI type for years. I genuinely didn't think there was more for me to learn, as I have been into this work for a couple of decades. Well, I was wrong.  Not only have I found a new depth of work within the MBTI framework, with Merja's support, I also discovered my Inner Children. I finally feel like I have rediscovered the hidden parts of who I am. I am forever grateful for Merja's help."

There are free tests I can take online. Why would I pay to get myself assessed?

The best reason to choose the MBTI assessment to discover your personality type is that it is both valid and reliable, unlike online tests that have been put together people who have not devoted their career to working with this tool. Validity measures if the assessment does what it says it does. Reliability measures whether the assessment produces the same result when applied more than once. The high validity and reliability scores of the MBTI assessment is a result of hundreds of studies carried out over the past 40 years. When you want an accurate profile of your personality type, ask if the instrument you plan to use has been validated.