New Hires

Graduate with a profession, a business, and the capacity to empower others

An Integration Mentor

  • Is a professional Personal Development coach
  • Shows the client how to unite all aspects of themselves, thus creating a deep sense of inner harmony and authenticity
  • Supports the client in reaching their outer goals, dreams, and aspirations

In Short

  • This leading-edge, unique program teaches you to excel at your craft above and beyond the industry norm. This 36-module, year-long program walks you through a step by step process of building the framework for a successful mentoring practice alongside of your studies.

  • You will learn how to run your business with a high level of effectiveness, authenticity, harmony and insight. These qualities make our mentors stand out in the industry of personal development and attract clients who are ready to do the work.

  • If you follow the system faithfully and take action consistently, you can expect to earn $100 000 - $300 000 per annum within 2-4 years after finishing your studies. Our core principle is simple: We thrive and help others thrive.

Because our students become some of the world's most effective (and hence successful) mentors, the most suitable students, once finished with their studies, may be offered an opportunity to work alongside Merja in her global projects

This program is comprehensive - the 36 learning modules cover both the technical aspects of mentoring as well as the development of a mentoring business. This course is run in a module-to-live-call format. You receive 3 modules per month, each with a minimum of 1 week to work through the assigned homework. Each module is followed by a 2-hour group call, which gives you an opportunity to share your wins, challenges and focus in relation to the module studied. After your share comes an opportunity to give and receive feedback between your peers, as well as receive priceless 1:1 work with the creator of this course, the internationally celebrated master mentor, Merja Sumiloff.