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a business and the capacity to empower others

Merja is nothing if not a cheerleader for individuals living a life that is right for them. For centuries, elders and mentors have been guiding younger generations and less experienced people to excel in whatever they set out to do. Unfortunately, the tradition of mentoring has been lost in favor of "just another online promotion" and the world is full of coaches that have taken a weekend course to achieve their qualification.


Merja's Integration Mentor Program was created to bring back the culture of mentoring and natural passing on of wisdom, insights, strategies and most importantly, presence.​

An Integration Mentor

  • Is a professional personal development coach

  • Shows the client how to unite all aspects of themselves thus creating a deep sense of inner harmony and authenticity

  • Supports the client in reaching their outer goals, dreams and aspirations.  

In short:

  • You get an individualized learning experience following a 36-module, year-long step by step plan with personal attention for each student.

  • You will experience a systematic approach from zero experience in coaching/mentoring to being ready to run your own mentoring business at the end of your studies.

  • Your education will be complete due to our step by step plan that guides you through the process of becoming a mentor and entrepreneur.

  • You will be challenged beyond your comfort zone, but our pre-organised and planned module structure prevents overwhelm and frustration.

  • You will receive a deep and actualized learning experience through our 3 powerful live group mentoring calls per month.

  • You get to practice mentoring skills live on each call to prepare you for the real world of mentoring.

  • You will perform 3-month pro bono mentoring case studies with five clients as an integral component of your studies.

  • You will enjoy a supportive and caring peer environment on the calls as well as in a closed group on social media.

  • You will experience a safe and nurturing environment for your learning and growing.

  • You will be exposed to cultures other than your own by our global mentoring family to prepare you for your global mentoring business (if that’s what you would like).

  • You will be able to learn from the work of the students that are ahead of you, as well as review your previous learnings alongside the students that are following you, due to our multi-track format.


This leading-edge, unique program teaches you to excel at your craft above and beyond the industry norm. This 36-module, year-long program walks you through a step by step process of building the framework for a successful mentoring practice alongside of your studies.

You will learn how to run your business with a high level of effectiveness, authenticity, harmony and insight. These qualities make our mentors stand out in the industry of personal development and attract clients who are ready to do the work.

If you follow the system faithfully and take action consistently, you can expect to earn $100 000 - $300 000 per annum within 2-4 years after finishing your studies. Our core principle is simple: We thrive and help others thrive.  

This program is a match for you, if:

  • You have the desire to design your own life while making money doing what you love.

  • You are willing to dive deep into the insights and learnings of your own personal life experience to offer meaningful support to your clients who are following in your footsteps.

  • You want to learn how to support your clients effectively and efficiently.

  • You are willing to continue your own personal development so that you are always a few steps ahead of your clients.

  • You are a coach-able, individual thinker who embraces learning, including the inevitable learning curve.

  • You are equally prepared to receive validation and praise, as well as straightforward candor that may be challenging to hear.

  • You are willing to fail forward to really master your craft.

  • You have patience and are committed to putting in the work needed to succeed in what you set out to do.

This program is comprehensive - the 36 learning modules cover both the technical aspects of mentoring as well as the development of a mentoring business. This course is run in a module-to-live-call format. You receive 3 modules per month, each with a minimum of 1 week to work through the assigned homework. Each module is followed by a 2-hour group call, which gives you an opportunity to share your wins, challenges and focus in relation to the module studied. After your share comes an opportunity to give and receive feedback between your peers, as well as receive priceless 1:1 work with the creator of this course, the internationally celebrated master mentor, Merja Sumiloff.


As our mentoring student, you can expect to:

  • Master the most effective approaches and strategies to become an independent mentor who provides enormous value to your clients.

  • Enjoy being treated as a professional and held to the highest standards of confidence and excellence.

  • Enjoy an intimate learning environment with no more than 8 students per live call.

  • Receive 1:1 guidance from Merja during each live call.

  • Learn everything that is needed to make $100,000 to $300,000 per year in your mentoring business within 2-4 years of completing your studies. (Provided you have fully applied the learnings from the program).

  • Clarify and define your area of mentoring specialization.

  • Practice your skills inside and outside of the live calls as well as with client case studies. This step-by-step approach will prepare you fully for your successful mentoring career.

  • Learn all you need to design a flexible lifestyle that suits your individual needs.

  • Complete the program with basic working procedures in place for your business.

  • Learn marketing and promotional skills to succeed in building your client base.

We are different, because you are unique

Our Integration Mentor Program stands out from other coaching programs by:

  • Having clearly outlined modules that build on one another. Many coaching courses give their students access to all of the material straight away. They do this so that the students can plan their own pace and order of study. This can result in overwhelm of information and choice. We understand that this overwhelm can lead to gaps in knowledge and oversight of vital components in mentoring and business building. Our modules are designed to be studied one at a time, in order, so that you can continue to build your solid mentoring knowledge one small step at a time.

  • Providing 6 hours of LIVE training per month alongside the learning modules. Most other coaching training courses have a monthly Q&A call. To guarantee results for you (if you follow and implement your learnings), we invest the time in your training on a practical level. We understand that getting your questions answered is only one aspect of mentoring training. What really prepares you to work with your clients is practice, practice and practice. This is why we offer you 6 hours of live work every month.

  • Guaranteeing live mentoring with Merja on each of the calls provided that you turn up on time. As mentioned before many coaching courses offer a monthly Q&A. These Q&As are usually dominated by the more extroverted or confident people leaving more introverted and shy students with little or no facetime. Our program guarantees every participant facetime with Merja on each of the calls they attend.  

  • Providing our students extra support outside the learning modules and the live calls. You will also receive recordings from other live mentoring groups that are run simultaneously. If you choose, you can double up your live call studies by tuning into the recordings from the other sessions.  

  • Providing study guides and other support documents. Each of our students is important to us. We understand that we all have different learning styles: some are auditory learners, some are tactile learners, some are logical learners, some are visual learners and some are reading/writing learners. We make sure that our program provides for each of the learning styles.

  • Offering a safe space for positive peer camaraderie and support via our private social media platform. All our learning platforms are safe, fair and respectful. We treat others with courtesy, honesty and care. All our students own their own personal development and mentoring journey, as well as their emotions. We are a drama-free zone.

  • Providing access to all audio classes and written materials in a downloadable format for your future reference and review.


Because our students become some of the world's most effective (and hence successful) mentors, the most suitable students, once finished with their studies, may be offered an opportunity to work alongside Merja in her global projects.

Curriculum outline of the program:

Term 1: You As A Mentor

  1. Your commitment to others’ change

  2. Your listening skills

  3. Your intuitive skills

  4. Mind management and growth

  5. Body maintenance and growth

  6. Tapping into your own experiences and expanding personal horizons for the benefit of your clients


Term 2: Your Mentoring Approach

  1. Levels of consciousness and conditioning

  2. Boundaries

  3. 5 areas of mentoring

  4. Code of conduct and final thoughts on being a mentor

  5. Your mentoring logistics

  6. Your mentoring format

Term 3: What Your Client Sees

  1. Client support processes overview

  2. Booking a suitability call

  3. Suitability call and conversion

  4. Client confirmation email

  5. Current reality questionnaire

  6. Enforcing boundaries and dealing with complaints

  7. Measuring clients’ results

  8. How to end a working relationship with your client

Term 4: Client Guidance Tools

  1. The 4 People Within® method (full course)

  2. Spiral Dynamics

  3. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

  4. The Drama Triangle​


Term 5: Business and Marketing

  1. Direction of your business

  2. Money management

  3. Branding

  4. 3 ways of marketing: Direct marketing

  5. 3 ways of marketing: Organic marketing

  6. 3 ways of marketing: Relationship marketing

  7. The KOKOUS method: creating proactive referral partnerships with like-minded business owners

  8. Your value ladder: how to create a success path for your business

For more information on this course,

apply for a full brochure.

Here are testimonials from some of our past and current students:


"Merja has put together a phenomenal course that is comprehensive and easy to understand. Her support and guidance in the follow up mentoring calls are very practical and laden with pots of gold. The Integration Mentoring Program has opened up a whole new world of possibility for me, and I cannot thank her enough for her dedication and commitment in every aspect of her work!"R.V. Australia


"This program has pushed me in unimaginable ways. I signed up while lacking confidence that I could be a Mentor, but I had a strong interest in developing the skills to become one. I didn’t think that I could actually do this, but I took the step in faith and am now thrilled to be a few months away from finishing the course. The program has been challenging, exciting and so incredibly supportive. It feels impossible to fully verbalise the complete value of this program and it’s such a privilege to be a part of it." J.S. USA


"I’ve been working with Merja for the last 4 and a half years and wow, what an incredible journey it has been. This testimonial has given me an opportunity to reflect and I just want to express how incredibly grateful for all the work we’ve done together and that I attribute a lot of my success and quality of life to our working relationship. Not only is Merja one of the most inspiring women I’ve ever met but she really goes above and beyond with the value that she provides for her clients. I took this program so that I could learn to support other people the way Merja as supported me. The high level of detail that we go into is challenging at times but the pathway and structure are in such a way that makes it feel easy.  I highly recommend for anyone thinking about working with Merja, just do it and don’t think twice. Have no doubt about the value of what you’ll be learning, just make sure you’re ready to do the work." A.K. Australia


"This program has been an amazing experience.  Merja continually challenges us in many ways so that we can each be the best mentor that we can be. And, the whole time, she is modeling great mentorship. Thank you Merja for this life-changing opportunity!!" U.S. USA

“My favourite things about this program were:

1. The way it builds one lesson on the next. I learned to trust in the process.

2. Weekly calls and the connections and being able to learn from others as they went through the program.

3. How comprehensive it is. By the time I had finished the program, although I still had apprehension and insecurities around my own stuff, I knew that I had been prepared to do this job and do it well.

4. Knowing that Merja and the other students always had my back.”



“My favourite things about this program were the way I‘m being guided to take one step after another and learn to face outward, the group calls where I get to deepen my understanding of previous lessons as well as get a glimpse into what’s coming up in later lessons, being a part of each other‘s journeys.” E.S. Switzerland


“A big part of this program is working with case study clients. What I love about this program is that I get to be mentored while I am learning to mentor others. The support I feel from this group is like nothing I've ever received.” S.H. Canada


“I love how customised this program feels, it's not a one size fits all program. You meet us where we're at and help give us the tools to get to where we want to go.” J.S. USA


“One of the things I love about this program is its global reach! Words could never express my gratitude for the patience and grace I am extended as a 20-something American in a group call of mostly older, multi-lingual, non-American peers. I believe there is so much power in every aspect of the course, particularly when it comes to failing forward as opposed to just failing, and turning ugly starting points into opportunities to help others. I have nothing but love and gratitude for these lessons in compassion from Merja and from everyone else on and off the weekly calls!” H.T. USA

“I love how thorough this program is and how individualised it is to each of us. I love how we systematically go from not knowing how to be a mentor, to being a mentor, without skipping over anything, yet without taking on too much at once which would leave us feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Also the group calls are powerful in that we can connect with others, learn from each other, and practice our mentoring skills while listening to others on the call. And I love how we are always validated. And lastly, how Merja always lets us know she believes in US!! “ E.H. USA

Make sure to note our satisfaction guarantee: This course has a 30 day full money back guarantee from the date of purchase. 

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